DataCity Paris’ Demo Day — sharing results and preparing the future


The scene: 600 attendees, 12 partners companies, 10 startups, the C40 cities as a partner and an event hosted at the co-organizer place, the City Hall of Paris.
This is DataCity Paris’ Demo Day key figures.
Now you can ask yourself two questions: why and what ?

At NUMA, we believe that mission-driven tech-entrepreneurs are a key to solve the cities’ issues of 2030. So we bring together cities, corporates, and startups to address city
challenges and develop solutions to build sustainable and efficient cities, using data and technology.

DataCity Paris: a unique open innovation program related to the 2030 city’s issues

With DataCity, we at NUMA, have the ambition to tackle the global problems cities will face by 2030 — at the heart of which we place climate change — by designing tailored solutions to reduce cities carbon footprint. Indeed, we advocate that cities are the cause, the biggest victim and the best hope to fight climate change.

How does DataCity work? DataCity is a 9-month open innovation program where, as a first step, large companies, municipalities and citizens gather together to identify city-related problems to solve. We call these challenges. Then, we select the best startups to apply their innovative solutions to the challenges, by using experimentation fields and data sets provided by the large companies and municipalities. Prototypes are built and the impact that the solutions have on the city is measured.


For the second edition of the program, lasting from September 2016 until our Demo Day on June 6th 2017, 4 main topics have been covered: Energy, Mobility & Logistics, Urban Planning and Smart Building.

For instance, through DataCity, EDF, the historical electricity provider in France, worked with a Danish startup, Linc, to develop together a solution enabling the creation of local electricity communities. Within a community, one household can now provide another household with the surplus of energy produced (through solar panels for instance) in exchange of a remuneration. This challenge anticipated the modernisation of the legal framework, as the local electricity communities are only recognised and authorised in law since May 2017. In addition of having developed an innovative solution, our partners thus took the lead on this topic in France through DataCity.

Many other challenges were solved this year, such as developing a solution for intelligent street lighting based on data analysis; a solution to predict maintenance needs of city infrastructure; a tool to predict waste collection times or a tool to measure the impact of urban planning on logistics.

DataCity Paris’ Demo Day — sharing results and preparing the future

As a conclusion to the program, we held our Demo Day on June 6th 2017 at the Paris City Hall. The Demo Day was the occasion to display the work and solutions developed by each challenge team — composed by representatives of a partner company, a selected startup and Paris City Hall — in front of more than 600 representatives of big companies, national and international public institutions such as the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Groupe, city representatives coming from around the world, as well as investors. Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, and Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris, were the sponsors of this event, materializing the active involvement of high-level representatives of the city in the program.

This involvement is of utter importance for the success of both the program and the Demo Day. Indeed, it ensures that decision-makers and -takers of the city are supportive and continuously informed of the program’s solutions, from which they will be the main beneficiary. In addition, the variety of stakeholders that attended the Demo Day are the unique opportunity to concretely explore new market opportunities with relevant partners.


From now on, all the participants in the second season of DataCity Paris, are part of our DataCity Alumni community. NUMA will not rest to support and empower its partners and startups to take their work from the prototype stage to an actual commercializable product. Soon enough, citizens of Paris will benefit from the work achieved during DataCity Paris’ second season.

Taking DataCity Internationally: Smart Collaboration at the Global Scale

During the Demoday, we announced the international expansion of DataCity, in partnership with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. Our ambition: develop the program in 40 cities by the end of 2018, across all continents, which will allow the development of more than 300 solutions to build more sustainable and efficient cities.


We are convinced that with municipalities, corporates and mission-driven tech entrepreneurs, we can make our planet great again and create missions of new jobs. The urgency of the climate crisis and the scale of action needed means that everyone must use every tool available to them to tackle this threat, including data.

Our ambition via the international expansion of DataCity is to join hands and raise open innovation as a new way of city making across the world, in order to accelerate the emergence of solutions to the global challenges that concern us all. The global DataCity program will create a momentum for international collaboration and cross- pollination between cities, partners and startups involved, who will share and learn from each others’ challenges and solutions for the cities of tomorrow.

Following the Demoday, a DataCity international kick-off workshop was organized on June 7 at NUMA, gathering about 50 stakeholders — cities, corporates, international organizations, startups — interested or already committed in DataCity.

Building on this workshop, we are more confident and ready than ever to take the Datacity program internationally, create the leading collaboration platform on smart city topics across the world and bring solutions to the challenges faced by our cities.

As a first step, DataCity will be launched in 7 cities — to be revealed soon! — in S2 2017.

The DataCity Demo Day on June 6th is sold out!

The DataCity Demo Day on June 6th is sold out!

Throughout the last nine months, urban challenges related to logistics, urban planning, waste management, energy, smart building and mobility had been addressed by a cohort of city experts, startups and corporate partners. The event taking place at the “Salle des Fêtes” in the Paris City Hall, will be the occasion for representatives of each of the aforementioned stakeholders to showcase prototypes that had been jointly developed during this journey.

Introduced by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and Mare-Vorgan Le Barzic, CEO of NUMA, the Demo Day of the second Parisian edition of DataCity, a leading open innovation program endorsed by C40 will also be the opportunity to officially launch the program globally.

We would like to thank you all for your interest in the event.

You couldn’t register for the Demo Day? Don't worry the event will be broadcasted live on our Facebook account as well as live-tweeted on our accounts @NUMAparis and @NUMA_World!

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information about the program


Jean-Louis Missika shares with us his DataCity experience

A few years ago, the City of Paris made a crucial economical choice: to create and lead a new economy for innovation. Our idea was to promote our high-tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem and to place it at the forefront of innovation. It was essential to implement solutions that would help us to face the next decades’ environmental and social challenges.

With NUMA, we are proud to implement DataCity’s program in Paris which reflects the smart and sustainable city we aim to be. Paris produces a large amount of data daily, that we intend to use to experiment new urban solutions and take up the sustainability challenge. Thanks to our open data and open innovation policies, this data is easily available. It allows the creation of ecosystems which bring together local communities, large and small enterprises, startups, and individuals.
The first collaboration with NUMA and our partners arose from our desire to solve problems and to implement solutions. With the second edition of DataCity, we are experimenting particularly impactful solutions and making Paris a more ingenious, smart and connected city: intelligent street lighting systems, solutions to share facilities and increase occupancy rates, tools to predict tourism flows and reduce building energy consumption.
Keeping this goal in mind, we are now launching a new season of DataCity Paris. This year, Paris, C40 and NUMA will have the pleasure to announce that they are joining forces to address the global challenges that cities are facing and to implement solutions to fight climate change. With this new worldwide program, data analysis will benefit cities and their citizens globally.

Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in Charge of Town Planning, Architecture, the Greater Paris Projects, Economic Development and Attractiveness

Le Parisien talks about us

Another great article on DataCity, focusing on one of our 10 challenges:"How to inform users, building caretakes and companies handling waste bins exactly when the waste collection truck will be coming by".

Discover the results and all the challenges on June 6 at Paris City Hall

Discover the 12 selected startups for DataCity Paris - 2nd Edition!

After months of scouting and 225 applications, DataCity stakeholders have selected the 12 relevant startups to address city challenges! They have been chosen because of their innovative proposal, their technology, and their team!

Capture d’écran 2017-05-19 à 12.26.21.png


How to track, analyse and understand tourist flows in a city, with a view to adapting services to tourists’ changing habits?

How to help building managers to permanently reduce energy consumption when they have no specific professional skills in this area?

How to model the impact of logistics in order to ease traffic in cities?

Craft Ai

How to inform users, building caretakes and companies handling waste bins exactly when the waste collection truck will be coming by.

How to harvest, analyse and use data on the ways people use tourist buses, to improve transport services in cities and tailor products to customer profiles?

SharingCloud & Irlynx
How to realistically share space and facilities in buildings?

How to set up an energy exchange system within a local community while minimising production and distribution costs?

supported by Dataiku : How to provide intelligent lighting in the streets of Paris by analysing urban travel data?

How to optimise and predict street furniture maintenance by analysing data generated by the furniture or outside databases?

How to analyse flows in order to support decisions relating to neighbourhood planning?


Startups and Corporates have two months to test and experiment their solution in experimentation fields provided by Paris City Hall. Results will be presented on the 6th of June at Paris City Hall. Get more informations and discover DataCity stakeholders on our new video!


More than 200 applications for DataCity season 2!

Applications for DataCity season 2 are now closed!
We are pleased to announce that we have received more than 200 applications to our challenges! It’s even more than last season and it overpassed our expectations.
A huge thank you to all the startups for their involvement in the program, and their commitment to build smarter and sustainable cities for tomorrow.
Applications are now being reviewed, and the selected startups will be announced on February 28th.


DataCity quoted by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, at C40 Summit Opening Speech

On December 1st, Anne Hidalgo became the new Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. At the opening ceremony, she delivered an inspiring speech, focused on the absolute necessity for major cities to take action against climate change and for sustainability: "There are three things we need to do : act, act and act again" she said.

Part of the speech was dedicated to two major actions that she has taken as Mayor of Paris and that she intends to bring to major cities around the world: Reinvent Cities and DataCity.

"[...] we must reinvent our cities, that is, allow all our fellow citizens to create, in complete freedom, to make way for free architectural, cultural, economic, social and societal innovation.  And we will do this by fostering in our own network the project to Reinvent cities, based on the successful Reinvent Paris. It is what we will do by also launching DataCity, an initiative backed by NUMA, the most important incubator in Paris, which will allow putting technological innovation at the service of sustainable cities."
Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

We are now more motivated than ever to carry on and to intensify our efforts to build the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Read the full speech