DataCity - SEASON 1 - Discover the 5 winning startups!

The selection of the 5 startups that will be accelerated in Numa at the end of March has been completed. Close to 200 applications were submitted, responding to the various challenges of the call for projects: it’s been a tough selection process! Discover below the startups and the projects that will be accelerated for DataCity, in collaboration with Nexity, Cisco, Vinci Energies, Suez Consulting, Setec and thanks to the support of the Paris City Hall. It is a yet unheard of exercise of collaboration between startups and major corporate players that begins. Congratulations!


Sensewaves was created in 2015 and provides time-series analytics for the internet of things. Their solutions include predictive, behavioral, context and trend analysis for energy, e-health and lifecycle management applications. Sensewaves will work with Setec to respond to the challenge about the evolution of energy consumer behaviors. The objective will be to obtain a better involvement from the users with incentives to optimize their consumption on the basis of analysis of temporal series.


Padam is a Paris-based startup that was created in May 2014. They develop public transportation the 2.0 way, with a minibus service that adapts to real-time demand and offers optimized trips: users book their travel via a smartphone app, and travel with other people who go in the same direction. To address the challenge of a better optimization for local short trips, the startup will study with Vinci Energies the simulation of a solution for flexible and dynamic buses, based on origin-destination matrices, trip request crowdsourcing, and algorithms that model the transportation service.



Created in 2014, Qucit provides analytics and artificial intelligence for urban mobility. They will work with Cisco as a lead partner on the challenge of analyzing the usage of public spaces. Qucit will evaluate, from a large number of data, the implementation of a comfort indicator for the pedestrians, allowing to quantify the impact of reorganizations on squares, in particular the Nation’s Square in Paris.



Openergy is a start-up specialized in energy analysis of buildings in operation. The startup developed an innovative platform for building monitoring, that combines data-mining and energy simulation. For the DataCity challenge about the evolution of energy consumer behavior, Openergy will work with Nexity to develop a method to estimate and monitor the benefits brought by the energy mutualization on the scale of a city block.


eGreen helps reduce indoor energy consumption, with sensors that measure in real time electricity, water and gas consumption and indoor temperature. To tackle the challenge of the modification of users’ consumption behaviors, eGreen will study, in collaboration with Suez Consulting, the lead partner for this project, the impact of incentive-driven competitions between user teams, based on real-time measured consumptions on buildings.

We also thank the 9 other startups that were shortlisted to go on finals, after being selected among 200 candidates. You will find the list below: