several objectives at once


  • Acquire operational knowledge about potential new markets through the startups’ work on the ground
  • Get access to the deal flow with +200 international applications


  • Presence in all communication materials (events, supports, articles) of the chapter you are involved in
  • 100+ media coverages from local and international medias
  • 1500+ players of the Smart City from local ecosystem involved worldwide (startups, mentors, corporates, public institutions)

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  • Lead one challenge: participates in the making of a prototyped and client-tested solution and support its conversion into a scalable business
  • 50+ corporates experts from partners team to engage with

Build a prototype to create new business opportunities

  • Build hand in hand with the startups a Minimum Viable Product at the end of the two one-week bootcamps
  • During the first edition, all corporates built at least a prototype

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Cooperate with other corporates and Paris City Hall

  • Contribute to every challenge and get access to learnings of all the experimentations
  • Create leads and long-term business connections with corporates and public institutions through a concrete collaboration on every local chapters