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why launch the program?

NUMA launched together with the City of Paris Datacity in 2015 with the conviction that the majority of the classic tools used by cities for planning and implementing new services fall short of understanding the challenges of fast urban development and addressing the evolving needs of citizens.

Our goal was to build an Open Innovation framework where Public authorities, Private Companies and Startups collaborate to solve Cities challenges in order to increase the number of solutions being experimented and accelerate the time to market of innovative services.

5 experimentations in collaboration with datacity partners

How to improve energy consumer behaviors?

Make technical efficiency and behavioral efficiency work together to decrease the size of the business footprint. Play with technical, technological, informative and fun levers!  

How to make buildings smarter ?
Use sound signal analysis technologies to assist the energy managers in the detection of anomalies in facilities.

How to consolidate energy flows to design “positive energy islands” ? 

Estimate and monitor gains brought by energy mutualisation on the scale of an island and blend municipal, residential and tertiary buildings.


How to foresee tomorrow’s public spaces ? 

Big Data to predict pedestrian comfort and quantify the impact of public spaces reorganization, by experimenting on the “Place de la Nation”.

How to improve short trips ? 

Modelize a bus solution for short and flexible trips by using the nineteenth borough of Paris as an experimentation field. 


the experimentations

In less than a month in our premises, corporates and startups developed hand in hand a prototype.

the impact

The impact of the program had been showcased during a Pitch Day in front of the Eiffel Tower in June 2016. Until now, 3 startups out of 5 are developing a common offer with their corporate partner.