Sept. 15th – NOV. 22nd: challenge definition

During this phase, we work with our corporate sponsors to define the challenges startups will apply to. It is a critical phase, key to ensuring long-lasting results. We apply strict criteria to select the challenges we will present to the ecosystem:

  • Business model: ability to generate value for the city, the startup and the corporate sponsor.
  • Open Innovation fit: interest in addressing the challenge through an open innovation program, compared to a traditional approaches.
  • Time to market: possibility to test a solution quickly and generate revenues in the coming year.

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nov. 22nd – Jan. 8th: office hours

Startups apply to as many challenges as they wish before January 8th.

NUMA team reviews applications, answers questions and provides feedback to help candidates draft the best proposals. To do so, we will organize meetups with our corporate sponsors on: 

  • December 8th between 2pm and 4pm
  • December 15th between 2pm and 4pm
  • December 22nd between 2pm and 4pm
  • January 5th between 2pm and 4pm

For candidates based in Paris, meetings will take place at NUMA (39 rue du Caire, Paris, France). For others, these discussions can be facilitated remotely.

To attend these meetups, it is mandatory to register by email:


JAN. 9th – FEB. 28th: working sessions with corporate sponsors

To ensure that corporate sponsors commit to the development of at least a Minimum Viable Product during the experimentations, we match one startup with one corporate sponsor. Prior to the matching, we encourage corporate sponsors to work with all startups.

The matching will be facilitated during two events:

  • February 1st and 2nd: working sessions between the selected startups and corporate sponsors to: 
    • Define the resources required in the process
    • Outline a common go-to-market strategy
  • The tandem will be announced on February 28th.

Matching is based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the team
  • Ability to roll out the proposed service experiment during bootcamps
  • Potential to mass-produce the proposed solution

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march 1st – April 2nd: Bootcamp preparation

Selected startups and corporate sponsors anticipate the bootcamps by: 

  • Extracting the required databases to start the bootcamp on day one with the right materials
  • Defining the agenda for the bootcamps
  • Defining the Key Success Metrics
  • Defining once again the expertise and resources that will be needed


april 3rd – April 30th: Two one-week bootcamps

Startups and corporate sponsors will develop a first Minimum Viable Product at the end of the second bootcamp. To achieve this, startups receive €10,000 in funding, the continued mentorship by NUMA, corporates sponsors’ experts, as well as support from Software Developers, Data Scientists, IoT experts and UX Designers.

  • April 3rd – April 7th: First bootcamp
  • April 24th – April 28th: Second bootcamp

june 6th: PITCH DAY

Communication of the results of the experimentations during an international event organized at Paris City Hall premises

  • International journalists
  • Smart City experts
  • Facebook live
  • Investors
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