After months of scouting and 225 applications, DataCity stakeholders have selected the 12 relevant startups to address city challenges ! They have been chosen because of their innovative proposal, their technology, and their team !

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How to track, analyse and understand tourist flows in a city, with a view to adapting services to tourists’ changing habits?

How to help building managers to permanently reduce energy consumption when they have no specific professional skills in this area?

How to model the impact of logistics in order to ease traffic in cities?

Craft Ai

How to inform users, building caretakes and companies handling waste bins exactly when the waste collection truck will be coming by.

How to harvest, analyse and use data on the ways people use tourist buses, to improve transport services in cities and tailor products to customer profiles?

SharingCloud & Irlynx
How to realistically share space and facilities in buildings?


How to set up an energy exchange system within a local community while minimising production and distribution costs?

supported by Dataiku : How to provide intelligent lighting in the streets of Paris by analysing urban travel data?

How to optimise and predict street furniture maintenance by analysing data generated by the furniture or outside databases?

How to analyse flows in order to support decisions relating to neighbourhood planning?


Startups and Corporates have two months to test and experiment their solution in experimentation fields provided by Paris City Hall. Results will be presented on the 6th of June at Paris City Hall.